To study the constituent parts of literary works and thereby understand not just the techniques of creative writers but also the ways their works act upon us as readers…no doubt that study will reveal worthy elements of interest. As with anything, i suspect these elements provide only partial glimpses at a supremely layered truth. To layer meaning upon the mysteries of narrative, to taste the emotive power of art–read literary works with an openness to your own response. Sure, a doctor can tell you that humid air is better for a person living with a harsh cough, but only once you’re out with the hound walking through gray air, its moisture painting your forehead, will you understand this healing. In a way that doesn’t stop at the back of your throat, but which seeps deeper, much closer to your heart.

Through their poetry, contributing authors…explore the beautiful and painful truths of what it means to be divinely human and how we love, fall and rise again.


An anthology of poetry gathered by S.E. Reichert, author of The Beautiful Stuff Blog, includes layers from different perspectives, offered to readers from different experiences as gifts to help us embrace our creaturely selves, and each other. Two of my recent poems are included, drops in this vast ocean of sound, smell and touch.

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