Movement, and motivation

My alma mater hosted a 1-hour, 7-person panel of alums discussing their work in climate change from a variety of perspectives. Phew, how much ground was covered: from legal battles playing out in the Netherlands, to social systems in SE Asia creating unnatural disasters out of extreme weather events, to persuading North American farmers to experiment with new crops as growing zones move. The topics raced forward, intensely compressed, leaving time for discussion.

What moves us? That question surfaces again. We know what causes this chaos. We know so many ways we could lessen the crisis. Is it hearing stories of how others step up, step forward that helps draw us along, or do we find motivation and urgency inside the heartbreak of our ongoing failures? Do we step cautiously to the cracks, the margins, the precipice, to peer into the darkness?

If you have a care in the world, you have a gift to bring–Indigo Girls. Yes, all of the above. Keep bringing your gifts, everyone. We need all the courage and caring we can find. And Thank You–

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